Patterned Lamp.

Light creating pattern.


This fun school project consisted on partnering up with a classmate, visit their house and design and build a fully functional lamp that would complement their house decor.


Interesting patterns can really uplift a design and give it more power. Inspired by phasmids, one simple shape made out of walnut wood dominates the whole design. The shape and material used resemble the form and appearance of this wonderful insect, reaching the opportunity to have patterns both in the design and in the light it portrays. The incandescent light bulb makes the design more warm and versatile as where to put the lamp. 

After presenting the project, a friend approached me and asked if it would be possible to build another one and sell it to him. One month later, the new and freshly made lamp served as a nightstand lamp and room decoration to him. I am really proud of myself and happy that someone liked and purchased my design.




In the making.

Friends room.