Nueve Cuatro.

Empowering men and women through jewelry.


Nueve Cuatro is one of my most precious and most beloved creation I have achieved so far. On 2017 I partnered up with a dear friend to start a project; we did not know what it was but we just knew we had to create something together. After various lattes a chocolate chip cookies, we decided we wanted to complement our different personalities with a common denominator: jewelry. Dozens of names and sketches were thrown away before reaching the amazing Nueve Cuatro.

While talking about what each of us had in mind, we stumbled upon our personalities, extremely different but exactly the same in some ways. I'm mostly the extrovert but shy when dressing up and she's the introvert but a spotlight when it comes to dressing and accessorizing. Funny enough, we were determined to exchange a bit of our personality to the other one to create something big. Nueve Cuatro was born with the intention of giving power to men and women through jewelry and accessories. The catch for extroverts but afraid of dressing is to get them out of their comfort zone, and for the introverts while crazy costumed, for opening the path of conversation starters. 

Our designes have been tested out on men, women, clubs, bars, weddings, funerals, and many other environments and as a result, our pieces have worked for both my associate and I to complement our missing personality piece. After many design failures, broken prototypes and nasty judgements, we are at this very moment on the production stage with hopes of launching an e-commerce on February 2019 and share our story with people like us.


2017 - today

Self Made Prototypes

Production Prototypes


Final Designs for Production

These have been extremely fun and gratifying months and we dream on continuing with this marvelous project by learning and perfectioning our design and processes to design more collections with hopes of reaching more people.