Miniature Collection.

When something small means something big.


Ever since I can remember, collecting miniature objects from all around the world has been a dear hobby of mine. I'm not really sure how the excitement started but I remember when I was eight years old, my grandmother took me to her sisters house to visit, and her neighbor, Piti, was an old women who collected and sculpted miniature objects out of clay. I went to her house and her studio was just incredible, thousands of miniature pieces scattered around the room without any order but with great meaning, this is when I fell in love with miniatures.

After various visits to Piti's house, she suggested I get a wooden doll house built so I could start my own collection. Following her advice, I talked to a carpenter and together, we started designing and building and amazing doll house. Ever since, I've studied and taught myself how to sculpt my own miniatures. Many of them were gifts, some were lost while moving houses, and others are displayed all around my house. 

Besides making my own pieces, I tend to buy everything I see and many people gift me with amazing and different pieces to complement my collection. This treasury is an amalgam of me and dear people contributing to my passion, making each piece special and meaningful in its own way.


1994 - today

"This is a very important part of my life and I believe that all of this has somehow helped me develop this manual and creative part that I still preserve."

I was interviewed for this year's October issue in the Clase magazine (part of El Universal newspaper). It was a fun and scary thing to do since it was my first time publicly sharing one of my passions; but my friends and family were extremely proud and supportive and I enjoyed the process.