Hallway Hunter.

Photography with a personal story.




What once was a curiosity, transcended to a meaningful hobby. Curated and managed by myself and a partner, Hallway Hunter is a creative space that serves as an interactive storytelling platform where people can share their photography and stories.


A photograph without meaning or a story behind it is just a plain image. We seek to give life and emotion to each photograph we feature in our account by sharing a story of how the photographer became to capture that amazing shot.

Realizing that we all have at least one vanishing point photograph in our camera roll, either taken by us or downloaded from the internet; we chose to exclusively feature these genere of photography and also give it an extra punch. Many pictures are taken by us and the rest by people we interact with through Instagram.

Hallway Hunter has offered me the opportunity to interact and engage with strangers with whom I share a common interest and hobby. It's also a challenge to deliver the photographer's story without sounding boring, so I've definitely enhanced my storytelling.

Without knowing, we discovered that with this initiative, we created a small and solid community of people supporting each other when sharing their photos and stories.

We are truly grateful to all photographers trusting Hallway Hunter with their content, and to the public for their encouraging messages.