Cabbage Patch Collection.

Diverse beauty of humankind.


Iv'e had a passion for collecting miniature objets ever since I can remember. In this case, collecting Cabbage Patch dolls began when I was 8 years old thanks to my grand mother discovering them. A few times a month, she took me and my sister to the stores to see the brand new dolls and buy us each one to grow the collection. 

What I loved about them was that they were themed, all different, and most of all, tiny. Accumulating these unique pieces was such a wonderful experience, I took care of them as if they were my babies and each day checked if they were clean, well dressed and hair styled. Many of them got lost due to movings and play dates, but the ones remaining are still being cared of and admired. I plan on continuing adopting Cabbage Patch's and increase the size of my collection.


2000 - today

"I have them because they're a constant reminder of my childhood and I like remembering it. Ever since I was young, Iv'e had a sweet attachment to these; I loved that they were all babies, so when I played with them I felt like if I was taking care of them."

I was interviewed for this year's July issue in the Clase magazine (part of El Universal newspaper). Sharing one of my passions was a scary process since many people might think this is a little girl's collection. Besides not giving importante to others opinions, I love and cherish this collection since it reminds me and keeps me connected to my amazing childhood, and I will keep growing it.