Staying true,

staying you.


Branding is one of the most important aspects of any kind of business, whether it's large or small, retail or wholesale, or whichever you choose; in the end, it's your promise to your customer. The brand tells them what they can expect from your products and/or services, and your added value compared to your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be; and always remember, its has to stay true and stay you.

While working at in a digital design firm, I learned the basics of what good branding is composed of and began creating my own. As time passed and I was improving, I was given more work to design brand identities and present them to clients. I enjoy the process of creating the whole look and feel for brands since I am able to transmit my talent directly to the final customers and even influence their purchase decisions. A logo is an extremely powerful tool that if well used, benefits the brand, but if poorly handled, may lead to failure. One of the key things when designing the identity is always making sure the final representation emits emotion to the client, if your draft does not comply with this, I'm pretty sure your company will not succeed. So this has definitely been a challenge, and one that I've enjoyed very much.


2016 - today



L' Atelier Des Fleurs is a flower shop located in Mexico City which sought to redesign their whole brand concept wanting to transmit a boho chic vibe to their clients, though always keeping in mind their professionalism. 

This proposal combines the elements of elegance with the isotype being a fusion of an L and an A in a cursive font, and with the boho style of the typewritten logotype.

The result was successful and it reflected in higher sales and market expansion.

  • L' Atelier Des Fleurs
  • L' Atelier Des Fleurs

Provemart is a platform where people buy/sell products (targeting restaurants and large suppliers) with the objective of finding everything in one place.

The logotype is composed of two words, a reduction of proveedor in Spanish (in English supplier): "prove", and the word "mart" in English meaning trade center. The isotype is integrated with the letters P and M, mimicking a fork and a knife. Finally, the surrounding circles are an abstraction of a location pin, referring to finding everything you need in this platform.

As Product Design Lead while working at Bolt, I was in charge of brand identity design (logo and colors with manual) and an interactive back office dashboard for the buyer, supplier and administrator, where these communicate, buy/sell, keep track of inventory, invoice and more.

Provemart is currently in its final test phase.

La Tamalada is a gourmet tamales concept located in Mérida, Yucatán curated by the chef Mariana Montenegro. Created in 2017, I assumed the role of creating the new brand identity (logo [inspired in banana leaves], brand manual and graphic material), designing an original and unique proposal.