Hi there!

Quick introduction: I'm an Industrial Designer, art lover, grammar freak and cherry blossom fanatic. I sculpt and collect miniature everything, write poetry for the wind, read my brains out, and... I'm afraid of street drainage. Nice to meet you! 

Extra Details.

Ok so I'll repeat it for the last time... my name is Danna Krouham. I'm an Industrial Designer from Mexico City, but what defines me is that I'm a thinker, creator and doer. During the early morning you can find me exercising and reading different news channels; at daytime I'm working on my Marketing skills at a doctor's office and other personal projects; and at night, reading on the couch eating a mango.   

I have been studying and practicing design for as long as I can remember. From sculpting miniature objects, painting landscapes and up-cycling my clothes; to enrolling in a design degree, flying all the way to Israel for an internship, working for more than a year in UI/UX and designing my own jewelry brand.

My passion is discovering the perfect synergy between business and design; merging these two fields to create something extraordinary. I don't consider myself an expert on either of these practices yet I'm eager to learn and discover... that's why I'm currently studying MFA Products of Design at School of Visual Arts New York. 

Fun Facts.

· As I mentioned before I'm afraid of street drainage... it's definitely weird but i'm ok, I just don't walk on them.

· I've been collecting miniature things since I was 8 years old, I love the detail and perfection, and I consider every piece as art. Because of my obsession, I began sculpting my own miniatures out of clay and this has been a hobby of mine ever since.

· I am 5'2, but I don't let anybody mess with my height; my mom says beauty and intelligence are measured from the head to the sky... so i'm short and I love it :)

· I actually can't see anything without my contact lenses, I have -9 diopters. 

· I put my right sock on first, but then my left shoe.

· I'd rather read a book than watch TV.